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Volta Lithium provides quality and powerful lithium battery packs for marine electronics, motors and accessories.  We also offer custom battery work for unique customer requests.  All lithium ion battery packs come with a 10 year warranty.

These aren't your prepackaged, outsourced battery packs from overseas.  Our packs are built by hand right here in Texas.  When you call us, you talk to someone involved in your battery packs from the start.  Our durable battery pack construction offers rugged protection and avoids a lithium ion battery's worst nightmares...moisture infiltration and being dropped.  With storage and space-saving in mind, our battery packs are designed to fit easily in kayak hulls and boat compartments to save precious space and reduce battery weight by at least half.  The powerful 16.8V lithium ion battery packs offer 25% more power with increased discharge stability and longer life for your marine electronics and accessories.

More Power. Half the Weight.  Better Lithium.

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