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Here are the questions we are most frequently being asked.

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  • What is included with each lithium battery pack?
    Each battery pack comes contained in a waterproof, concussion-resistant case with a universal marine connector for your power cable and a charger.
  • Will the 16.8V lithium battery packs work for trolling motors?
    No. The 16.8V lithium battery packs are intended for use with marine electronics and accessories. Do not use the 16.8V battery packs to power trolling motors or other devices limited to 12V operating ranges.
  • What's the difference in 12V and 16.8V lithium battery packs?
    Our 16.8V lithium battery packs are designed for marine electronics and accessories to provide increased power, stablized discharge rates and longer life. They are not intended to operate trolling motors and other devices limited to 12V operating ranges. Our 12V lithium battery packs are intended for use with trolling motors and/or marine electronics and accessories tied into the same power source as the trolling motor.
  • What is the warranty?
    Our lithium battery packs come with a 10 year warranty.
  • Can I customize a battery pack or other battery power source?
    Yes! If you'd like to customize one of our lithium battery packs or have use build a new lithium battery power source for another item, submit your request through our contact form and we will get back with you ASAP.
  • Should I charge my lithium battery pack immediately?
    Yes. Our lithium battery packs contain a BMS board for safety. Plugging in your lithium battery pack to the charger will activate the BMS board and the pack.
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